Itinerary - a Cultural Experience

Museums, cultural groups, festivals, food markets and restaurants provide an array of diversity and ethnicities.

Ideas for exploring our diverse region:

The unique Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple provides a quiet refuge with art galleries, a peaceful courtyard, and a vegetarian restaurant.  The Polish Heritage Museum and the Howick Historical Village look at European settlers, the Gardens of Memories, established to celebrate the goodwill between the local Maori and European settlers, and includes Te Whare o Matariki, a local Maori meeting house.

Chinese New Year and Diwali, as well as dancing, music and other cultural events are celebrated through the region.  Diverse food is available at supermarkets and many restaurants from Indian, to Nepalese, Thai to Japanese, Italian to the regular NZ staple diet of fish ‘n chips.  There is no shortage of different eateries in the region and plenty to demonstrate the cultural diversity of its people.

Karzin from the Fo Guang Yuan Temple

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The region offers a multitude of activities, everything from night entertainment to relaxation in the sun, fun for the family and stylish dining. 

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