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If Botany is all about shopping, then neighbouring East Tamaki is all about doing business. In fact that’s its motto: “East Tamaki – a Great Place To Do Business” courtesy of GETBA, the Greater East Tamaki Business Association Inc, one of Auckland’s most active business associations.

East Tamaki is a manufacturing and distribution hub of some 2000 businesses strategically located close to the motorway, airport and port, pumping $3 billion into the New Zealand economy each year.

It has higher growth rates than the Auckland region average, experiencing 61% growth between 2000 and 2010. Eventually it will provide some 45,000 jobs.

The area is rejuvenating in part due to development of the meticulously planned 107 hectare Highbrook Business Park. Highbrook incorporates industrial, commercial and retail businesses. It is situated on the eastern side of State Highway 1 on the Waiouru Peninsula, mid-way between the Princes Street and East Tamaki motorway on/off ramps.

Highbrook is home to over 80 businesses and 5000 people. Over 30,000 commuters travel on Highbrook Drive each work day. Highbrook Crossing serves as a focal point for Highbrook’s growing community, with a mix of cafes, childcare, gym, and conference centres.

The development is notable for its trend-setting design and, as a result, has received numerous awards and Green Star ratings.

The rest of the East Tamaki business precinct is a mixture of retail, service and wholesale outlets. Vehicle servicing and sales yards feature prominently while it is also home to some major and familiar franchises. Commercial activity at the Greenmount Landfill came to an end last year. The 52-hectare site will become a public park for the enjoyment of all – a large green space bordering with an industrial precinct on one side, and residential housing on the other.


Te Puke o Tara (‘The Hill of Tara’), once also known as Smales Mount, is a volcanic cone that was the home of paramount chief Tara Te Irirangi, of Ngai Tai Iwi. Four lane Te Irirangi Drive is named after him. The East Tamaki landscape is volcanic in origin and forms a part of the East Tamaki volcanic field, with Te Puke o Tara and Matanginui (Greenmount) and Te Puke Ariki nui being the other dominant cones. All three cones were thought to represent the densest area of pre-European settlement in East Tamaki, favoured rich volcanic gardening soils and fresh water springs.

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