Bucklands Beach & Eastern Beach


Bucklands Beach

Bucklands Beach & Eastern Beach are two of east Auckland’s best swimming beaches. They are on opposite sides of the same peninsula, separated by expensive homes that look out over the spectacular Tamaki River.


Bucklands Beach, on the western side of the peninsula, is the most picturesque of the two beaches with yachtssailing slowly, or quickly, along the Tamaki River, depending on whether the strong tide is in ebb or flow.

Big Bucklands is north of the old yacht club at Grangers Point, while Little Bucklands is on the south side.

Bucklands Beach is book-ended by the Half Moon Bay Marina with its shopping centre and ferry terminal at the southern end; and at the other Musick Point Reserve and the Howick Golf Club at the top of the peninsula.

The marina allows for a short sailing time to the picturesque Hauraki Gulf for the over 500 boats moored there. There are also a passenger and vehicle ferry services that provide links to downtown Auckland and Waiheke Island.

Bucklands Beach has a small shopping centre, cafes and an outdoor bowling club. A 230 metre boardwalk links the southern end of Little Bucklands Beach to Half Moon Bay Marina. This provides pedestrian and cycle access to the marina shopping centre.

A great place for a picnic is the top of the peninsula where Musick Point offers views of the Gulf and especially Browns island almost opposite.  It is also the site of the historic Te Naupata pa. Some of the original pa terraces can be seen. A great example of Streamline Moderne style architecture is the long range radio station, built during World War 2 and sited on the point of the reserve, now operated by the Musick Point Radio Group. Howick Golf Club occupies the other end. Many of its 18 holes are located on the peninsula cliff tops, commanding panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf islands.

Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach is the better swimming beach and is hugely popular with families during the hot summers months. The palm fringed esplanade provides easy access to the long sandy beach with sheltered waters ideal for safe swimming either side of high tide. At low tide be prepared for a long walk in shallow water!

At the southern end of the beach is a boat ramp providing access to the dedicated water skiing zone adjacent to the beach.

The Back Beach is a series of small coves at the base of the cliffs north of Eastern beach. This is accessed by a steep track off Clovelly Road.


The peninsula was occupied by Ngai Tai iwi until the start of the Musket Wars. In 1821 a large musket-armed Ngapuhi war party devastated eastern Auckland and by the 1830s many of the local Maori had been killed or enslaved. The peninsula shows evidence of being used for Maori crops of kumara and bracken fern. There are also hangi sites.

Europeans farmed the area from the 1850s and it was also a route for the Fencible soldiers based at Howick who were ferried across to Pt England. A brickworks was established at Little Bucklands Beach and operated from 1869 to 1878, along with a lime factory that crushed and burned shells at Eastern Beach.

The first major subdivision was established in 1916 with the auctioning of 126 sections on the western side of the peninsula.

The peninsula came into its own in World War 2 with the construction of the Musick Pt radio station in 1942  to communicate with ships and aircraft across the Pacific. The station became the headquarters of the maritime coast station Auckland Radio ZLD, and of aviation radio ZLF.

The first large-scale sale of sections took place in 1947 to take advantage of returned servicemen and the baby boom. A yacht club was established and regular transport services.

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